The Serbian art scene has a unique place on the European stage. It has spawned numerous world-famous artists and yet it remains, for the most part, undiscovered by the international art community. Common themes connected to the region's recent past are increasingly relevant to current events throughout the world. It's the moment for a wider audience to appreciate the strong sense of regional identity that has emerged from conflict. This was the impetus for the gallery's foundation.

After attaining a degree at the Sorbonne, David Laufer, a Swiss National, lived and worked in Paris, New York, Istanbul, Belgrade and Lausanne, before relocating to Belgrade with his family. This move reflects his confidence in the maturity and potential of the region, and his commitment to its artists. 

Laufer's involvement in the art scene began when he helped kick-start the reconstruction of Belgrade's National Museum as an advisor to the minister of Culture in 2002. 

Combining his past experience as art collector and founder of a start-up, Laufer opened his gallery to be a platform for emerging artists through exhibitions, events, and artist representation. The space on central Belgrade’s Krunska street is showcasing a select range of artists from, or active in, Serbia and beyond.