Sofya Yechina was born in 1990 in Goryachie Klyuchi on Iturup, the largest of the Kuril Islands, USSR. In 2012 she completed her studies at the University of  Kursk with a Bachelor of Arts.

The images of Sofya are not narrative, but this does not mean that formal elements do not construct a particular story. Sofya's quest for her visual language position her as a contemporary visual artist in the traditional medium. Her artistic practice can be seen as a travelogue in which her images do not only become a space view, but a diary note.

Sofya works mainly in oil and acrylic, but also uses other techniques such as pastel and charcoal. She has exhibited her artwork mainly in Germany, Austria and Serbia. Her paintings are in the collections of the Belgorod State Museum in Russia, Kursk State Museum, private collections in Austria, Germany, Russia, Finland, Serbia, China. Her work is also included in the official collection of Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, Germany. 

Sofya has been a resident of  Belgrade for years and is introducing Serbia's landscapes and faces into her art.